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Bring a blanket & have a picnic or get cozy under one of our beautiful timber framed pavilions! 

Take out available as well.



* Please allow at least 15 min for boards to be made

*boards can be made for as many people as you'd like

* No two boards will be the same. They are based on what is available

* All boards come with misc slices of bread and/or little toasts


Grazing Board

Our most popular board. Includes a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, veggies & pickled items. 

* the grazing board must be ordered 24 hrs before pick up* 

$13 per person

French Breakfast

Includes a variety of breads, seasonal & local fruits, chutney, and a wedge of Keswick Creamery's brie drizzled in Honey Bee Friendly's honey.

$13 per person

Breads & Spreads

Various bread slices with a side of butter and jam.

$6.5 per person


Mini Muffuletta

 Smoking Gooses' capocollo, mortadella & soppressata. Caputo Brothers provola and No1 Sons's Italian Giardiniera

served on a ciabatta roll.


Party Muffuletta

Our mini muffuletta made on a whole loaf of ciabatta! Serves 4. Must order 24 hrs ahead!


Picnic Salad Sammie

Choose from our house made chicken or egg salad, served with local greens on our ciabatta roll.



Veggie Sammie

Our house made veggie cream cheese made with seasonal, local veggies, spread on a ciabatta roll.

Crunchy pea shoots and a hint of salt and pepper. 


add bacon or ham for $1.5

German Sammie

One of our pretzel rolls filled with North Mnt Pastures ham, hard cheese, honey mustard and topped with our house made sweet pickles or sweet slaw.


Breakfast Sammie

Local baked egg, North Mountain Pasture's uncured bacon, North Mnt cheddar cheese, toasted on a ciabatta roll.


*substitute everything bagel add $2

Cotto Sammie

Smoking Goose red wine and fenugreek cotto, Caputo Bro provola, local greens and mayo, served on a ciabatta roll.


Everything Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese

Our everything bagel served with our fresh made veggie cream cheese!                 



Everything Bagel with plain cream cheese




Cup of coffee (Elementary Coffee Co.) $3

Hot tea (black rose, genmaicha or chamomile) $3

Fresh pressed apple juice $3.50

Fresh pressed apple carrot juice $4

*add ginger to any apple juice .50

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